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United Nations

Join us at ToMUN 
26 - 28 September 2024



The main theme of the conference:

Cooperation Towards Prudent Technological Growth


Creativity is what we value the most at ToMUN, so we encourage you to be your most authentic self and shine with originality. Delegates who stand out with original, fresh and bright ideas, coming with charismatic personality are the most appreciated ones !

At ToMUN the topics and committees have been well thought and planed out to ensure that every delegate is constantly working, thinking and being challenged for a very intense and demanding debate. At our conference every STAFF and StOff member has been carefully chosen for their position to ensure that the conference runs smoothly and that each delegate and MUN director gets the most out of the wonderful experience of ToMUN as a whole.

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Emilia Kurtyka
Secretary General of ToMUN 2021

Dear participants and friends,

Step into the world of diplomacy and join us during ToMUN 2024. We are looking forward to seeing you! Let's share many remarkable ideals and foster connections that will last.

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Secretary General of ToMUN 2021
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Our planet is fighting a battle with many tragedies caused by humans. We try to support it by shifting the smallest habits, all of us share. It is crucial for us to make sure that our conference is as environmentally friendly as possible. Support us by treating our home with respect. 

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MUNs let us learn how to effectively cooperate with others in the face of a challenge. ToMUN is a place where one can not only improve their debating skills but also gain new life-long friendships.  We are proud to give young people opportunity to show, that they are aware of problems the world faces nowadays.

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The present changes fast and so is ToMUN. We reach for improvement with every edition of our conference. In developing world developing minds is what we should care for. Education and awareness of young people are the leading goals for all MUNs, especially our. 


ToMUN is a Model United Nations conference based in one of the most beautiful cities in Poland, in our 450 year old school 1 Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Mikołaja Kopernika. With gothic architecture, set right next to one of the largest rivers in Poland, Toruń (Thorn) sets a unique charm on every visitor. At ToMUN we put pressure on every little detail so that our conference is professional, well organized and fun. Our team makes sure that all of the issues and committees are made interesting, fun and challenging even for the most experienced delegates. ToMUN is a place where people from all over the world come together to discuss the most pressing problems, to gain experience in MUN conferences, to learn about other cultures and make new friends! Here you can get a feeling of community; a community of young people who have a passion and idea for the future of our world and that most importantly - are eager to share it. Charisma and confidence is what we value the most at ToMUN. Our conference is an ideal place to enhance your English skills, and open up with you language abilities, by debating and spending time with English speakers from all over the world. We guarantee that ToMUN will be an unforgettable conference resulting in growth, experience and new life-long friendships. We cannot wait to see you there !